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Top Ten Reasons to Subscribe to

The Federal Evidence Review

1. Breadth and Extensive Coverage

  • Each monthly issue covers as many published cases as possible involving the Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Other Significant Evidence Cases may be highlighted involving other noteworthy evidence implications as a result of the Constitution, statutes, or other court practices
  • No other publication covers as many evidence cases and developments on a regular basis

2. Special Features

  • The Federal Evidence Review provides a convenient way to stay current on evidence law. The Review's features include:

3. Unique Issues Highlighted

  • The Federal Evidence Review identifies, covers and assesses the evidence developments and trends for you
  • Learning about that key case or development can make all the difference in prevailing in court

4. Incredible Value

  • The price per issue for the Federal Evidence Review is less than $25 each month
  • An incredible value, helping you keep current on the latest evidence cases while maintaining an evidence advantage in your practice

5. Time Savings

  • Too much to read, and not enough time for it? Save time in finding and keeping up on current evidence cases and developments through the Review
  • The Federal Evidence Review monitors the latest developments in the law of evidence for you. Instead of reading and searching for the latest evidence cases, you can save time subscribing to one definitive source for this information

6. Experience and Insight

  • The Federal Evidence Review identifies the key evidence principles based on experience and insight in the litigation process

7. Effective Way to Stay Current

  • Stay current on the latest federal evidence cases, developments and trends
  • Each issue of the Federal Evidence Review reports on cases and developments from the prior month

8. Links and Access

  • The Federal Evidence Review is specially designed and distributed as an online pdf, allowing subscribers to link directly to many of the covered cases
  • The case citation is also provided when this information is available at the time of publication

9. Unique Legal Advantage Tool

  • No other monthly newsletter offers the depth, insight, and current information provided in each issue of the Federal Evidence Review
  • Each issue serves as a key litigation aid and reference source for practitioners at all litigation stages (from the filing of a case to preparing an appeal)

10. Forum For Federal Evidence Matters

  • The Federal Evidence Review provides a forum for federal litigators, jurists, academia, and other practitioners and students of evidence
  • The Federal Evidence Review promotes ideas and stimulate discussion of key evidence issues

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Subscribe Now To The Federal Evidence Review

** Less Than $25 Per Month ** Limited Time Offer **

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