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The entire July 2007 issue of the Federal Evidence Review is available free of charge as a sample issue. You can also inspect excerpts from various past issues of the review by click on the thumbnails near the bottom of this page.

The Federal Evidence Review’s Analytic Framework

The Federal Evidence Review uses a unique analytic framework for assessing evidence cases. The framework breaks a case into discrete evidence issues, analyzing how the evidence rules are applied to the record in the case. The analytic framework frequently provides additional insight into the case with commentary and practice points. These features allow users to quickly find the information important to staying current on the latest evidence developments. The graphic below identifies some of the items in the Review’s analytic framework. Why not download a free issue of the Review to see if this is the type of coverage will be useful to your practice?

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Features Table of the Federal Evidence Review

The many features of the Federal Evidence Review can be previewed by linking on a feature described below.

Feature ArticlesCircuit DevelopmentsEvidence Issues
Lead Story - Focuses on a key issue involving the Federal Rules of Evidence or other evidence developments Circuit Splits - Highlights recent cases involving a split among the circuits in the interpretation and application of evidence principles Rule Index - Lists features that focus on particular Federal Rules of Evidence, and constitutional or statutory provisions concerning evidence law
Practice Tip - Highlights alternative grounds for admitting or excluding evidence Developing Consensus - Notes recent cases in which a consensus is growing among the circuits Subject Index - Lists particular topics covered in past issues of the Review
Other Significant Evidence Cases - Reviews evidence issues not readily falling under specific Rules of Evidence but with noteworthy evidence implications Open Issues - Focuses on open evidence issues recently identified or resolvedContents & Table Of Cases - Download material related to cases and issues covered each month in the Review
Supreme Court Watch - Reviews key evidence cases and issues before the U.S. Supreme CourtHighlights From Current Issues Of The Review Identifies cutting-edge topics covered in recent issuesPending Amendments - Updates status of proposed rule amendments

Sample Excerpts From Past Issues Of The Federal Evidence Review

Select any item in the Features Table below or visit the Using the Review Page for more information on the cases reviewed each month.

To view PDF excerpts from selected issues of the Federal Evidence Review click on the issue you wish to view above.

Comprehensive Evidence Law Coverage

In addition to the many features noted above, each monthly issue surveys evidence cases decided during the previous month. Subscription information is available on the Subscription Page and information on available discounts is covered in the FAQ.

The Review covers as many published evidence cases as possible from the prior month to its publication, providing a "snapshot" of federal evidence case law as it evolves. The Review is comprehensive in its monthly coverage.

Each case reported upon may include:

Case Commentary: More than a summary of the reported cases, the Federal Evidence Review includes "comments" on the cases under review, highlighting further insights, analyses and applications.

Practice Points: Many of the reviewed cases include "practice points" for counsel, pointing out elements for admitting or excluding evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence and procedural and strategic evidence suggestions.

Cross References: The Federal Evidence Review identifies when a case focuses on multiple evidence issues, or notes other recent cases or sources of information concerning similar evidence issues.

Access: When possible, the PDF version of the Review, when viewed while still connected to the web, will link with the site to provide a convenient way to view and print out any recent case reported upon.

Table of Cases: Each month's Review provides a Table of Cases listing alphabetically the cases reviewed each month, as well as cases cited in each issue of the Review.

Standard of Review: Each article covering a case identifies the standard of review used by the court on evidence issues and if no standard is articulated by the case, the Review then supplies a citation to past precedent that probably embodies the standard of review applied.

Case Link: Each new case covered in the review is linked to a PDF copy of the case, so that the user may refer to the text of the actual opinion when using the analysis and commentary provided by the Review.

To learn more about these highlights, visit the Using the Review Page.