Using the Federal Evidence Review

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Each monthly issue of the Federal Evidence Review provides at least three ways to survey the published evidence cases and issues from the prior month. You decide the level of information you need based on the issues of greatest importance for your practice:

  • First, the Evidence In Focus section highlights many of the notable evidence issues and controversies arising in the cases covered in the Review.
  • Second, the Evidence Case Docket provides a “snapshot” of recent evidence cases, organized by evidence rule or principle.
  • Third, the Circuits At A Glance section in each issue of the Federal Evidence Review presents the published cases decided during the prior month by each U.S. Court of Appeal.

See Sample Using the Federal Evidence Review from:

7 Fed. Evid. Rev. 608-09 (Aug. 2010)

See also Sample Issue of the Federal Evidence Review:

6 Fed. Evid. Rev. 936 (Oct. 2009) (reviewing cases and evidence issues from Sept. 2009)

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