Federal Rules of Evidence Options

The Federal Evidence Review offers two primary avenues for using and searching the current version of the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE):

  • Online: First, the Rules of Evidence Page (http://federalevidence.com/rules-of-evidence) provides the online version of the FRE 2012. To find a particular rule, (a) scroll down the page to find the rule, (b) use the drop-down box to select a particular rule, or (c) use the browser's "find" function (usually located by clicking on the upper left browser edit tab or by using the CTRL+F keys simultaneously).
  • PDF Format: Second, use the current PDF version of the FRE by downloading and saving the PDF file on your computer, bookmarking the links, or printing a hardcopy for court or meetings. [Alternatively, the following link can be saved which will include any future updated amendments to the FRE: rules.federalevidence.com ] The PDF version has (a) direct links to legislative history materials, (b) jump links to the rules (from the index and within the rules), and (c) searchable features by using the Adobe Reader "Search" tool.
  • Save The FRE PDF Link: By bookmarking the link on your computer or by saving the FRE PDF Link ( http://federalevidence.com/downloads/rules.of.evidence.pdf ) to your website, you will automatically access the current version of the FRE. Future updates and amendments to the FRE will be added to the link.
  • Use Federal Evidence Cross-Links®: Cross-Links®are convenient reference links (or "Cross-Links®) to key resource materials for each specific federal rule of evidence. For each rule, Cross-Links® provide direct access to:

      1. Elements
      2. Advisory Committee Notes
      3. Legislative History (where available)
      4. Blog Posts
      5. With more links coming!
Federal Rules of Evidence