Federal Evidence Blog Noted By

Federal Evidence Blog Noted By:

  • ABA Journal: As listed in the ABA Blawgs Directory [PDF]
  • Law Librarian Blog: "The Federal Evidence Review is no fly by night effort. It has been around for some time now and has established an excellent reputation for being a very dependable, expertise-driven resource." [PDF]
  • The Volokh Conspiracy: "...thanks to FederalEvidence.com, and with hyperlinks from rule to rule, as well as to the statutory history of each rule." [PDF]
  • SCOTUSblog.com - "Federal Evidence Review takes a close look at Monday’s argument in Southern Union Co. v. United States." [PDF]
  • SCOTUSblog.com - "At the Federal Evidence Review, the Editor’s Blog has an extensive analysis of the [Smith v. United States] opinion" concerning the burden to show withdrawal from a conspiracy. [PDF]
  • SCOTUSblog.com - "The Federal Evidence Review discusses Perry v. New Hampshire and the role of jury instructions regarding the fallibility of eyewitness identification." [PDF]
  • SCOTUSblog.com: "[I]n the Confrontation Clause case [Williams v. Illinois] ... Federal Evidence Review posted both a preview and review" [PDF]
  • SCOTUSblog.com: On "Maryland v. King, Monday’s five-to-four decision ... which ... authorizes the collection of DNA samples.... Coverage comes from the editors at Federal Evidence Review...." * * * "The editors at Federal Evidence Review cover another opinion released on Monday: the Court’s summary reversal in Nevada v. Jackson ...." [PDF]
  • SCOTUSblog.com: The blog of the Federal Evidence Review reports on last Monday’s decision in Salinas v. Texas ...." [PDF]
  • Civil Procedure Prof Blog: "This [FRE 502] article [by the Federal Evidence Review] also includes key links and is a great resource for learning more about this new legislation" [PDF]
  • InSITE:Cornell Law Library: "Overall the [Federal Evidence] blog provides the busy litigator with an excellent resource with which to stay current on developments in the rules of evidence." [PDF]
  • Inside Track - State Bar of Wisconsin: "The Federal Evidence Review blog is another place that attempts to consolidate jury instructions, both according to circuit and subject matter.". [PDF]
  • National Institute of Military Justice BLOG-CAAFLOG: " The ever excellent Federal Evidence Review has this nice summary and analysis of White v. Illinois. " " Courtesy of " federalevidence here is their list of potential significant evidence issues affecting criminal cases this coming year." [PDF]
  • Law Librarian Blog: "Check out the very good Federal Evidence Blog" [PDF]
  • Law Librarian Blog: "Federal Evidence Blog has published two posts covering Top Ten Evidence Issues for 2012 and 2011, retrospective and prospective." [PDF]
  • Evidence Prof Blog: Notes that the Federal Evidence Review "nicely summarized" the implications of FRE 502 [PDF]
  • Eastern District of California Blog: "In my latest installment of cutting-edge issues for criminal defense attorneys (and others) to keep an eye on in litigating cases, here is the Federal Evidence Blog's 10 Key Evidence Issues for 2012...." [PDF]
  • Internet Legal Research Weekly / Inter Alia: An internet legal weblog - noting Federal Evidence Blog as a Blawg of the Week (Sept. 9, 2008) [PDF]
  • Indiana Civil & Business Lawyer: The Federal Evidence Review Blog "actually is very helpful for those times I get into federal court" [PDF]
  • EDD: Issues, Law, and Solutions: Notes that the Federal Evidence Review assessed reasons for lack of FRE 502 waiver provision [PDF]
  • Montana Personal Injury & Civil Litigation Blog: On FRE 502, the "Federal Evidence Review has posted an outstanding analysis" [PDF]
  • Drug and Device Law: Interesting Stuff On The Web: Notes the Federal Evidence Blog's coverage of FRE 502 [PDF]
  • Hofstra School of Law, Deane Law Library, Virtual Library Cat's Eye View: Noting that on newly adopted FRE 502, "For the text of the rule, discussion/analysis and important links such as the "Statement of Congressional Intent", check out the Federal Evidence Review." [PDF]
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