Williams v. Illinois Resource Page (Key Briefs and Other Materials)

This Williams v. Illinois Resource Page below provides access to key briefs and other materials on the pending Supreme Court case.

A summary of the case is also provided in the Introduction and Overview, and further coverage is included in posts in the Federal Evidence Blog. After the Supreme Court's opinion is issued in Williams v. Illinois (No. 10-8505), this Resource Page will highlight below further significant cases applying the analysis from the opinion.

Key Supreme Court Briefs And Materials In Williams v. Illinois (No. 10-8505)

Date Document
Supreme Court Documents
June 18, 2012In a plurality decision, the Supreme Court held the expert testimony did not violate the Sixth Amendment. See Williams v. Illinois, 567 U.S. _, 132 S.Ct. 2221, 183 L.Ed.2d 89 (June 18, 2012) (No. 10-8505).
Dec. 6, 2011Supreme Court Oral Argument Transcript / Listen to the Oral Argument (Audio File)

  • For Petitioner: Brian W. Carroll, Office of State Appellate Defender, Chicago, Illinois
  • For Repondent: Anita Alvarez, State's Attorney, Cook County, Ilinois, Chicago, Illinois
June 28, 2010Certiorari Review Granted in Williams v. Illinois (No. 10-8505).
DocketSupreme Court Docket
Merits Briefs
Aug. 31, 2011Brief for Petitioner (Sandy Williams)
Oct. 19, 2011Brief for Respondent (State of Illinois)
Nov. 18, 2011Reply Brief for Petitioner (Sandy Williams)
Aug. 31, 2011Joint Appendix
Amicus Curiae Briefs
Sept. 7, 2011Brief of the California Public Defenders Association, California DUI Lawyers Association, And The Mexican American Bar Association (Of Los Angeles County) in Support of Petitioner
Sept. 7, 2011Brief of the Innocence Network in Support of Petitioner
Sept. 7, 2011Brief of Richard D. Friedman in Support of Petitioner
Sept. 7, 2011Brief of the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Support of Petitioner
Oct. 26 2011Brief of the United States in Support of Respondent
Oct. 26 2011Brief of the National District Attorneys Association, California District Attorneys Association, American Society Of Crime Lab Directors, California Association Of Crime Laboratory Directors, International Association Of Coroners And Medical Examiners, National Association Of Medical Examiners, California State Coroners Association, Society Of Wildlife Forensic Examiners in Support of Respondent
Oct. 26 2011Brief of the New York County District Attorney's Office and the New York County Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Support of Respondent

Oct. 26 2011Brief of the State Of Ohio, 41 Other States, the District of Columbia, and Guam in Support of Respondent
Certiorari Petition Briefs
Dec. 17, 2010Petition for Writ of Certiorari (Sandy Williams)
April 27, 2011Brief in Opposition to Petition for Writ of Certiorari (State of Illinois)
May 4, 2011Reply Brief (Sandy Williams)
June 28, 2011Certiorari Review Granted
State Court Record Materials
July 15, 2010Illinois Supreme Court Opinion Under Review: People v. Williams, 238 Ill.2d 125, 345 Ill.Dec. 425, 939 N.E.2d 268 (July 15, 2010).

Williams v. Illinois Oral Argument audio

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