About FederalEvidence.com & The Federal Evidence Review

FederalEvidence.com is the web site of the Federal Evidence Review. Since 2004 this site has monitored developments, cases and trends in the law of evidence in the federal courts. Information about the various activities of this site and the Federal Evidence Review include:

On The Federal Evidence Review

  • What Is The Federal Evidence Review? This page addresses who might benefit from using the Federal Evidence Review" and describes various features of the Review.
  • Using the Review: Describes the features of the Federal Evidence Review and how to use these features.
  • Preview The Federal Evidence Review: Links to samples of various features from the Federal Evidence Review so that a non-subscriber can explore the depth of coverage of evidence issues provided in the Review.
  • Submissions:: Describes how to submit professional and scholarly articles for publication in the Federal Evidence Review.

On FederalEvidence.com

  • Federal Evidence Portal: Displays a convenient reference table that organizes the various features available on this site, with links to these features.
  • Contact: Provides a form for contacting the Editor of the Federal Evidence Review as well as the webmaster of FederalEvidence.com.
  • FAQ: Answers to many frequently asked questions about the Federal Evidence Review and about FederalEvidence.com.
  • Site Map: Provides another tool for locating the features on FederalEvidence.com.
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