Federal Rule of Evidence 502 Resource Page Launched And Article Available On FederalEvidence.com

Resource Page and Article summarize key provisions in new attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine rule; case and other developments will continue to be monitored on the Resource Page at: http://Federal Evidence.com/resources502

Given the importance of new FRE 502 concerning the attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine, a new Resource Page has been launched by the Federal Evidence Review to provide key information about the rule and monitor continuing developments. The new rule was signed into law and became effective on September 19, 2008. See Pub. L. No. 110-322.

In one place, the Resource Page provides background and direct links to key materials concerning new FRE 502. Resource Page coverage includes:

  • FRE 502 Overview
  • Primary Legislative Materials
  • Additional Background Materials
  • Tracking Cases
  • Federal Evidence Blog Postings
  • FRE 502 Text
The Resource Page will highlight new, noteworthy cases as they are filed and track other developments concerning the new rule.

Additionally, the Federal Evidence Review has made available a complimentary copy of an article from the October 2008 issue of the Federal Evidence Review, which summarizes the key provisions of FRE 502, reviews the history of the rule, and includes direct links to the legislative history and other materials supporting the rule. See “Lead Story: Understanding New FRE 502 (Attorney-Client Privilege And Work-Product Doctrine),” 5 Fed. Evid. Rev. 1454-66, 1471 (Oct. 2008).

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